Crypto Twitter Growth: From 761 to 50,000 Followers In 30 Days

by: Robert
Read time: 4 minutes

As you already know, Twitter is the primary social media platform for the web3 industry. Having a strong presence on Twitter with engaged, real and targeted followers is clearly a massive asset to your project or personal brand, as it allows you to get attention on demand, and increases your positioning in the marketplace.

But we all know the problem: growing on Twitter is difficult.

The issue with growing on Twitter is that most of the advice out there either flat out does not work, or it requires a full-time effort for 12 months+ to build initial traction.

Because of the ineffective advice, projects often turn to cheap tactics like using follow/unfollow bots or relying on giveaways to grow. There’s nothing wrong with giveaways per se, but you just end up with thousands of bot followers. Sure, your follower count goes up, but most people are savvy enough to figure out that most of your followers are not real which hurts your brand as it shows you take shortcuts and rely on shady tactics, which is not the image you want.

In this article we’re going to break down how to quickly grow your follower count with real targeted people that actually want to see & interact with your next Tweet.

The strategy outlined in this article is how Stepan grew his Twitter account from 761 followers to over 50,000+ followers in 30 days.


Stepan grew 50,000 followers in 30 days

Ultimately you need 2 things in order to grow: great content & distribution. The content-side is certainly not to be underestimated, but it is very much in your control. If you pay attention to what works, and consistently put out content, you will eventually create good content.

The problem is that content alone does not do the job. Organic reach on Twitter is very weak, and if you have less than 1,000 – 3,000 followers, it really doesn’t matter how good your content is, nobody is going to see it.

Stepan solved this issue by 

1) creating great content and then
2) engaging a group of influencers to Retweet his content, which gave it a chance to go viral.. and go viral he did.

In the 30 days Stepan had several tweets that went viral and allowed him to gain over 50,000 followers. Here are some of them.


You can never guarantee that something is going to go viral, but in order to improve the probability of that happening Stepan took inspiration from other content that had gone viral, and used the same hook, but his own content.

Also worth noting is that it’s obvious that you have to know your target audience, but if your target audience is very niche, it’s important to go “one level higher” in terms of who you should target. For example: we serve the web3 marketing community, while it’s not a small audience, the “marketing” community is a much much larger audience, and so if we wanted to go viral we would make sure to create content that applies to a slightly larger, but still relevant audience. If the audience is too small you just won’t get the same ratio of retweets per impressions.

If you’ve read any Twitter growth ebooks, or watched any courses on Twitter growth, you’d find that this is not the advice they give. They tell you the key is to tweet a lot, and to interact on other, more established accounts’ Tweets, as a way to hack more impressions.

Sure, this may work, but it will take you a very long time to see results, and it’s not ideal from a positioning standpoint.

"Tweet 4,254 times per day & engage on other larger accounts for distribution."

Twitter guru


To summarize: the real shortcut to real, targeted Twitter growth is to create top 1% content (threads) and engage influencers to Retweet your content, giving it a chance to go viral.

If you’re in web3, and would like us to do this for your project or personal brand, we have some exciting news.


At this time we are taking on only 2 clients who we will be doing 2 things for:

  1. Write top 1% content (threads)
  2. Engage our influencer network to retweet the content

As a one-time trial (no recurring commitment) we will write 3 threads aimed at your target audience, and leverage 15 influencers to increase organic impressions.

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