Case Study: Lens Protocol Marketing

Case Study: Lens Protocol Marketing

by: Robert
Read time: 5 minutes

This is a breakdown of Lens Protocol successful marketing. At the time of writing they have over 112,000 Twitter followers and lots of onboarded users. Their launch was very successful, here’s how it went down.

Phase 1 - Signing their open letter

It started with cryptographically signing their letter in January 2022 .. and then tweeting about it
.. that made a quote retweet of this tweet.. Then the user would come back to confirm it



The entire process can be seen here

Phase 2 - Claim profile​

Users can claim their profile at – this is reserved only for the people who signed the open letter before May 5th (I don’t think this was advertised as a benefit of signing the letter at the time, which IMO would’ve been a mistake not to mention).

Here’s the process of claiming

Phase 3 - Promote the exclusive access

Here they did something really smart. Since the claiming of a profile is closed off to the public, they’ve made it exclusive, and then they went out and scored partnerships with all kinds of projects which allows their followers to claim a profile. Here are some of the partnerships they struck up.

Phase 4 - Incentivizing developers with $250,000 in grants

To incentivize development they created a grant.

Phase 5 - Add fuel to the fire with influencers

Influencers are starting to add fuel to the fire, these are likely paid.

Here’s one with 519k subscribers at the time of writing.

Miscellaneous notes

Other partnerships

Youtube synch equivalent (LBRY)

How are they promoting?

The founder has 190k followers on Twitter

Media outlets are all writing about it

Influencers are starting to make content about it


Tweet by Polygon about their launch (this got picked up by media outlets also)

This was a very well executed strategy by Lens Protocol. Of course, they had the luxury of having a founder with a following, and a track record of building Aave, but the marketing was thoughtful and they got great results.